Thursday, 15 July 2010

To round this up...

I've just finished my second year of my Graphic design degree. It's a great course, despite the fact I don't see myself directly doing graphic design in the future. My favourite project of the WHOLE YEAR was a group project where we had to design a crazy restaurant under the theme 'steampunk'.



We had to design everything; floor plan, furniture, menus, shop front, interior, it was amazing! I will never forget the night before hand in when we didn't sleep, we just stuck at it trying to put the project portfolio together, twas a hoot! We were 'Group 4' LOVE YOU GROUP 4!!


My first epiphany

Welcome to my blog, Louisa's epiphanies. This is an art blog for my frequent epiphanies about life, love etc, though mostly art to be honest.

It has recently come to my attention that I am a rahubbish artist, and since this is the career i've sought after my whole life, and since I am now entering my last year of Graphic design degree, I really need to jump on the wagon and get on with it!

I will post sketches, works in progress, artists I admire, cool videos I find, EVERYTHING! So thanks much for reading this, and please check back every now and then.