Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hello Kitty Fanzine

Making a Hello Kitty fanzine for a day-project at Uni was very very very fun. It is now complete! Muahahahahahahaaa!

All the best,


My name is Louisa and I am a Hello Kitty-holic.

Just in case you are not already aware of the matter, I am completely obsessed with Hello Kitty. Ever since it started being rebranded with its funky stationary sets in WHSmiths, my collection of Hello Kitty has grown.

I'm not sure why it is that I like Kitty so much. It may be simply because Kitty is such a colourful, happy character, and all merchandise based on her radiates these feelings. Most importantly, the Hello Kitty brand is kiddy and cute and that is totally my bag, baby!

A few of the items are gifts from friends, but most were brought by myself. I have 24 items to date.

(I have actually been given three more items since making this blog post; a keyring, a t-shirt and an actual Kitty plush doll - It is an ever-growing phenomenom... in my room atleast...)

All the best,


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Girl Pirate Dress-up game


My tutors set me the task:

"Do Something you've never done before; something outside your comfort zone. Something you never thought you'd do but perhaps have always wanted to do."

So I decided to make a flash dress-up game!! I recently found a tutorial that showed me how you can program such a game in flash so I decided to give it a go. I've always wanted to make one of these, I'm glad I was given an excuse to do it.

This was out of my comfort zone for two reasons:

1) Flash I have used Flash in the past, but it is definately my weakest program. Every time I use it (which is hardly ever) I have to relearn the way it works.
2) The last day Spending all that time vectorizing the pirate and girl and all her clothes, and hoping that I would be able to program it all to make it work on the last day was not an experience I enjoyed!

I'm planning to make some kind of activity pack for my FMP, so this was a lovely way to test out one of the things i was thinking of doing. Of course this is a very basic game, and if I was to take this further I could be much more ambitious with working buttons and changing backgrounds etc. Also, I could make her clothes look more realistic. Not having the time to add folds and shadows to the clothes made me die a little inside. :p

Play the game here!



Friday, 8 October 2010

Stop-frame animation cherry!

My tutors set me the brief "Make a 3 minute video....". So naturally, if any subject is groovy it's going to be about art. I love motivational quotes and I love art, so I've made a stop-frame animation about art quotes.

To be honest, not bad for my first ever stop-frame animation. The problems I had with this brief were:

1) I have no video-editing software or powerful computer at home so I found this brief to be horrificly unfair for people in my situation (especially with a shoddy University library that is barely open).

2) The video-editing software I opted to use was IMovie which I've never used before. It's a bit rubbish though isn't it, I mean, you can't do any faster than 10fps which means that I had to delete TONS of photos in order to make it less than 3 minutes long. This also added to the horrible jerky movements of the animation.

But whatever, I can't change it now, this is what I am submitting, and in general I am proud of it; cock-ups and all.

What have I learnt?

Well, now that I've made my first stop-frame animation, and made just about every mistake you possibly can with this method, hopefully this means that when I have to make another stop-frame animation IT WILL BE AMAZING!

All the best,


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An amazing 'No Smoking' collection

You always find gems when you're not looking for them. That's how I felt when I stumbled across Daniel Eatock's "ongoing collection of alternatives to compliment the archetypal ‘No Smoking’ sign(s)".


You can check out all of them on Eatock's website. You should, some of them actually made me lol!