Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Maze Runner - my new obsession

"If you're about to have a long plane ride definitely read this trilogy."

Oh my Gosh, I watched the Maze Runner film when it was in cinemas and LOVED it. Since then I've been desperate to read the books to find out what it's all about. I finally started reading the first book about a week ago and since then have completely devoured all three books! I couldn't put them down!

 photo MazeRunnerCover_zpsritexpbc.jpg

I LOVE these books, and they're definitely a lot better than the films - like usual, the film adaptations leave out quite a lot of cool things in the story and change much of the plot for the worse (especially in the second film, oh God!). Although I do appreciate that sometimes this has to happen in order for a film to work, I do have a little sympathy for James Dashner - I'd love to see this as a long graphic novel series or a TV show or something so audiences could see all the cool little details and plot twists in much greater detail!

Anyway, if you were at all thinking about reading the books, I'd strongly recommend it! They're so exciting and gripping, and have completely re-ignited my imagination - what more could a person want in a book?!

If you're about to have a long plane ride definitely read this trilogy.

Also, I really love the cover designs of the UK versions - ooh shiny!!