Thursday, 25 October 2012

Animal characters

This is a sneak peak of something I've been working on! Still in the very early stages, and I'm already regretting putting her in such a detailed ruffled dress! Curse you Hobbitsies!!


This is a character from a series I have already begun designing, where all of the characters featured are a type of animal wearing awesome history/steampunk/sci-fi inspired costumes. I started with this little beaut because, well, I love dresses and wigs and hairsies.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!



Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Monster story

Because I work in social games and such, its kind of in my interest to play games, which is really cool!

I Recently downloaded Monster Story to my Iphone! Man, its such a simple game, but theres something about it, I keep coming back to! All the monsters are so cool, and you can breed them to make cool babies! And I really like the artwork, it's very simple but masterfully done. I've actually spent money on this game that's how much I like it! Good job Team Lava!


I've also downloaded Fashion story and Bakery story, which I already think aren't as addictive as Monster story, but I'll play them properly and let you know what I think!