Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Skyrim Remastered - Excitement Sketch

Is anybody else excited about Skyrim Remastered being release on next-gen consoles?? It's only about the most exciting game-related news I think I'll hear all year, apart from Uncharted 4's successful release that is!

I'm so excited about this news, I have gone ahead and painted a quick Dragonborn sketch in honour, listening to Skyrim music on Spotify the entire time of course...

 photo skyrim_helmet_study_zpsm2munpvj.jpg 

I've been missing Skyrim desperately lately, and having only played the PS3 version in the past, I was seriously considering saving up for a proper 'master race' PC to fulfil my dreams of playing Skyrim properly with all of the mods and the better graphics.

So how delighted was I after hearing about the future release of Skyrim Remastered for PS4! Now I can forget about getting a PC and just get a PS4 instead (which I was planning to get anyway - hello Detroit: Become Human!) Don't you just love when everything just pans out perfectly?

Just look at the teaser trailer, LOOK AT IT! :o

So, come October 28th, I'm getting hold of this baby, and I'm spending at least a couple of months devouring it, heart and soul, in all its hi-res beauty!

If you'd like to read more about Skyrim Remastered this page will fill you in:

All the best :D


Thursday, 2 June 2016

OMG I've made a wonderful discovery - the classical painter Hans Zatzka, why are you not super duper famous??

"Why on earth isn't this guy really, really famous??"

I came across a wonderful discovery while partaking in a little Art History research recently... The wonderful classical Artist Hans Zatzka! Who? He also went by the name P. Ronsard, and was an academic Austrian artist born in Vienna, 8th March 1859.

 photo Love-Offering_hans_zatzka_zpsrhke6ips.jpg
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I think in a split second he became my favourite classical artist of all time! All of his work is so BEAUTIFUL and imaginative and masterfully painted!

The only thing that's been running through my head while I've been devouring his work on google images is: "Why on earth isn't this guy really, really famous??"

 photo Hans-Zatzka-The-Card-Players_zps5jvgmgav.jpg
Img src:

Why haven't I ever heard of him and why is he never in any classical art books, or in any classical art galleries I've visited? Why did none of my teachers and professors at Art School never tell me anything about him? Did they know who he was? Why is he not as well known as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and the other equally skilled celebrated classical artists?

Apparently, Zatzka dedicated most of his career to painting churches across Austria (which he was highly regarded for) but he was always more widely known for his beautiful paintings of women in mythological settings. He later reproduced most of his paintings as postcards, which are still widely sought after by collectors today!

 photo hans-zatzka_zpspsr8vsor.jpg
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I could just look at these all day...

The thing that attracts me the most is his wonderful use of colour, and the light-hearted and happy spirit of each of his paintings. The ladies also are all painted gorgeously and with such beautiful dresses and attire (those who know me well know that is totally my thing!)

If you're interested in seeing more here is a link to a great site displaying a lot of his works: