Friday, 13 May 2011

Dissertation - Lara proves popular

I recently found out that I got an A for my Dissertation! Pleased as punch!

The title of my essay was:

"To what extent does Lara Croft reflect a negative portrayal of women, and how closely does this relate to other Female Video Game characters?"


It was actually a really interesting subject to research and write about and I'm so glad that I chose Lara Croft as my case study. Here are a couple of quotes so you can get the gist of it:

"Not only does Lara Croft provide the perfect balance between beauty and strength, she also provides the gamer with a perfect representational fantasy. Video games should be discussed involving theories about visual representations, however, the nature of the video game is also so much more than just something to watch. The gamer does not simply watch the characters; they control them entirely. "

"The idea of living out a fantasy is completely encapsulated within the world of Lara Croft and is entirely the point of playing video games. In the same way that we can take on the role as an invincible criminal, gamers playing as Lara Croft can take on the body of a beautiful, fit, brave adventurer, fulfilling their fantasies of power. Using Lara as an extension of ourselves within a believable virtual world we can do impossible leaps across bottomless voids, and take risk after risk in order to complete the dangerous level. If we fall and perish, we can simply try again and again until we reach our goal; through Lara we become invincible, and through the world of gaming, we can fulfil ultimate fantasies."


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