Thursday, 5 April 2012

Best job in the world! :D



This is as far as my Easter greetings will be going! These are some cute decorations we made for the game that me and my colleagues have been slaving over. It's called 'Me to You My Place', it's free to play on Facebook so give it a try! It really is a great game!

Me to You My Place, click here to play!

A lot of crazy things have been going down lately. I'm working at Sharkius full-time now, mostly as an Illustrator and Animator but I'm also doing a little Design work and I'm greatly enjoying it. I really love and respect everybody I work with; they're so passionate about what they doing, and work so hard! Plus we're all really silly, and get to play with a giant exercise ball everyday - we call it Giant ball or 'Whooaah' ball. :)

Also, we met someone quite exciting the other day...I'm not going to pretend that I possess a giant plethora of knowledge into politics, but it was still exciting to meet Chancellor George Osborn! He came over and talked to us and everything! He was asking about our company and about social games. Me met him because he opened the Techhub Google Campus in London, which is set to be like the biggest hub for start-up companies and entrepreneurs involved with Tech in London.


Another thing that's going down; due to unforeseen circumstances, me and my housemate Michelle (check out her blog and shop!) are leaving our current abode in Surrey and moving house to central London! :D Exciting times my friends, exciting times!!

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