Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bunny Pirate - Crew

I've been drawing a collection of animal pirates, here are the majority of the initial pen lines and basic gradients for the latest character.

It always looks so weird at this stage but that's kinda what makes the process so magical for me. Vector art can take so much longer than a painting and sometimes I regret doing detailed parts in vector, but at least the final result looks amazing and always seems worth the effort in the end.

I love her, :D can't wait to see how she turns out in the end!

 photo aa105ce8-0a3e-443b-890a-a9b12e0c70e3_zps154d58a2.png

[EDIT] 21-5-14

 photo maidbg_zps81058afb.png photo maidthumb_zpsd1710e1c.jpg

Thumbs and foundation of the background and outer circle. Not long now my sweet! :D


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