Sunday, 24 August 2014

Beyond Two Souls & Heavy Rain

Just bought these two bad boys and really glad they arrived in time before the bank holiday weekend! I've only had a chance to play a little bit of Beyond Two Souls because I've got a lot of freelancing to do this weekend but so far so good! I've never played anything like it before and I'm really getting sucked into the story and feeling really protective over Ellen Page's character Jodie haha! Can't wait to play more!! *dances*

 photo beyondtwosoulds_zps8458f842.jpg

[EDIT] Omg I loved Beyond Two Souls!! The game’s events aren’t in chronological order which basically really shakes it up and you have to play more and more to be able to piece together Jodie’s amazing life. I found myself really getting sucked into the story and becoming very protective over Jodie and always wanting to make choices and decisions that would make her happy. It’s a great captivating story and actually also has some fast-paced action in it also so really it has something  to offer for everyone. Not to mention the guy in it Ryan is like SOOO HOT!! Omg look at him!

 photo beyond_two_souls_embassy_zps33f039d9.jpg


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