Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Travel time!

So I've been a little busy over the past several months going on an adventure around the world! I just got to a point in my life where I was happy with how well I've done with my career. I'd graduated and got a good few years of experience working as an Illustrator and Designer and worked incredibly hard for every day of my life up until this point, so I thought it was definitely a good time to go off and have a gap year which I never had the chance to do before!

And its been great!!

I've ended up in Australia where I'm staying with a friend I met on the road and working part time in a local cafe to help save up for my next portion of backpacking around Oz!

I couldn't possibly share everything I've done while travelling this year because I'd need an entirely separate blog for that, but here's a few photos to give you guys a glimpse of my adventures! This whole experience has been incredibly inspiring and rejuvenating and I'm looking forward to coming back to London to work! 

 photo a28f5386-5a18-427c-9e27-aaa9acebe164_zpsjxysjilx.jpg

 photo 4fb8eb5d-25d1-42b3-878a-9ae1b530f90a_zps9dpy6zru.jpg
 Vietnam and Laos

 photo 26227615-4014-4141-a7b2-f77e83a5f1ee_zpse5iwkgoe.jpg
Cambodia and Japan! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Peace out,



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