Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Skyrim Remastered - Excitement Sketch

Is anybody else excited about Skyrim Remastered being release on next-gen consoles?? It's only about the most exciting game-related news I think I'll hear all year, apart from Uncharted 4's successful release that is!

I'm so excited about this news, I have gone ahead and painted a quick Dragonborn sketch in honour, listening to Skyrim music on Spotify the entire time of course...

 photo skyrim_helmet_study_zpsm2munpvj.jpg 

I've been missing Skyrim desperately lately, and having only played the PS3 version in the past, I was seriously considering saving up for a proper 'master race' PC to fulfil my dreams of playing Skyrim properly with all of the mods and the better graphics.

So how delighted was I after hearing about the future release of Skyrim Remastered for PS4! Now I can forget about getting a PC and just get a PS4 instead (which I was planning to get anyway - hello Detroit: Become Human!) Don't you just love when everything just pans out perfectly?

Just look at the teaser trailer, LOOK AT IT! :o

So, come October 28th, I'm getting hold of this baby, and I'm spending at least a couple of months devouring it, heart and soul, in all its hi-res beauty!

If you'd like to read more about Skyrim Remastered this page will fill you in:

All the best :D


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