Sunday, 1 August 2010

Environment of the week

I've been really getting into lately and all of their community acvities, particularly Environment of the Week and Character of the week. I've actually got off my arse and competed in them!

I'm hoping that being involved with something like this, and competing as often as I can will develop and sharpen my skills. It's nice because everybody helps each other out and shares advice and the whole experience is really encouraging. S'all good!



I think one of the reasons why it's so good is because the theme of the week is always completely random which makes excellent practice for a concept artist. Above is my entry for EOW's 'Into the woods' theme, which was extremely challenging because I've never painted a woods before! Tres tricky :'(


Also here was my entry for CHOW's 'Gaia' which I went off-breif a little with ^_^' but I still kinda like it!

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