Monday, 9 August 2010

Grayscale painting

I took last week's Chow as an excuse to try a new method of painting; to paint the whole thing in grayscale, and then add the colour on top with a 'colour' blend layer.

I found this method reaaallly challenging! :( I'd figured that it would be important to get the blacks and whites right, so that the colours would come out well, but it's sooo easier said than done. All the colours came out reaaally wierd and I felt like I had absolutely no control over what I was trying to do.

Maybe the grays I was painting over were completely wrong or maybe I just need to get the hang of this method a little more. Either way, I will try this method again, and I can only get better at it right?


Last week's chow was Marie Antoinette. CAKE!

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