Saturday, 4 September 2010

Living out of boxes

I am at my parents house and there is nothing to do! I brought my laptop and tablet with me, hoping that I would finally get some time to do some art but I'm a wally and seem to have forgotten my power lead!

It's annoying because for the past few weeks I've been busy moving to my new house and having no internet, so I haven't really been able to do anything.

So I decided there is nothing for it, I'm stuck here with nothing to do, so I am completing my favourite retro game of all time, 'Skies of Arcadia'!


I'm not even joking how much I love this game; it has got to be 12 years old and it still sends shivers down my spine! I actually think it was one of the main reasons why I initially wanted to become a concept artist. And I run its fanclub on, which I recently revived (MEGA-GEEK!) :D


Oh, and I also recently bought the official soundtrack; the most awesome game sountrack ever written!


I shall listen to it while finishing off some of my current SoA fanart. <3 <3

All the best,


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