Tuesday, 28 December 2010

No Added Sugar Exhibition

The No Added Sugar Exhibition, which took place on the 14th and 15th December 2010 in humble Epsom, Surrey, was an exhibition entirely funded and organised by 3rd year Graphic Design students of The University of Creative arts, Epsom.

No Added Sugar Exhibiton

It featured current project work by me and some fellow students on my course, and we even had a shop to sell our postcards, cards and little books.

My wall space featured my project, Epsom Characters of course! I was especially happy with how well my set of postcards printed - such good quality prints and they looked amazing! I made £4.50 selling them!

No Added Sugar Exhibiton
No Added Sugar Exhibiton

It was also great fun spending the day there setting everything up, splitting into teams to get certain jobs done. I was on the refreshments team so it was our job to go to Asda and buy all the booze! Then we had to regulate the refreshments while the exhibition was running. Other than that, everybody helped to set up the room and workshop together. During the second day, I joined the Workshop crew who were all making live arts and crafts, so I took the opportunu=ity to catch up on some bookbinding. On the whole it was excellently organised and we all worked very well together!

No Added Sugar Exhibiton


We were all of us appaled at the complete lack of support from out University's PR and of how dismissive they were about the whole thing. We really could have used their help to promote our exhibition, and they shouldn't have taken all of our posters down around Uni (which we had permission to put up).

Nevertheless, this made us even more determined to pull it off, by ourselves. It must just be embarassing for them to now be hearing about how wonderful it went and how much kudos it ultimately brought our University. For them to not have taken this opportunity to promote us, and show prospective students just how organised and determined our University students can be, must mean that they're idiots.

This is not to say that our tutors didn't help us; they were all very supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process and we were very thankful for this. :)



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