Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Schoolism Live Workshop - London

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Schoolism Live Workshop in London where I attended three awesome workshops by Jason Seiler, Alex Woo and Bobby Chiu!


(This is a photo of Alex Woo, taken by Bobby Chiu, that's why it looks really nice!)

Actually going to this workshop made me realise how much I suck at drawing. Jason Seiler is an awesome characature artist and he was teaching us about thumbnail sketches and how to make the most of a person's facial features and the general feel of their character.

Below here are some crummy sketches we were doing in Alex Woo's workshop, where he was teaching us about gesture drawing.


Bobby Chiu with one of my favourite paintings of his 'Big bad Bunny Eater'.

And Bobby Chiu my hero was showing us his painting technique and also filling our minds with positive and truly inspiring thoughts. It was a great weekend, I learnt SO much, and I will SO be going back next year!


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