Sunday, 3 March 2013

New Job ^_^

Ok, so lots of things have happened since my last blog post!!

My last job sort of withered away ;_; which meant that I had to get a crappy part-time job as a pizza waitress for a few months. And I had to move back in my my parents for a little while, which sucked!

Luckily I managed to bag myself a new job as an Illustrator soon after!  It's really cool ^_^ everybody's really nice and I'm constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone so I feel as if I'm getting better and better every day! I'm basically an Illustrator in an office, but mainly working on game projects, so it's super fun and basically exactly the kind of job I want! Hopefully I'll pass my review ^_^'

Anyway, I've been enjoying the fruits of my labours a little too much lately, haven't really been studying as much as I should be, so I'm getting back onto the band wagon now! Wish me luck!


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