Thursday, 9 May 2013

Games of the year 2013 - BIOSHOCK INFINITE & TOMB RAIDER

I have been in gaming heaven these past two months, playing and being completely captivated by two of what I believe to be games of the year (and YES, THEY DESERVE CAPITOL LETTERS)!!

I literally just completed Bioshock Infinite, and OMG it was so amazing. To be fair it was a very slow start, and I was even beginning to lose faith in the series, but I soldiered on and then things got really interesting!

I only played Bioshock 1 & 2 through to the end fairly recently because the first time I played Bioshock I found it so scary that I couldn't bear to play it. ^_^' Yes I am a wimp, but it was the part where the lights go out and you see a flash of somebody running across the screen that did it. However, after being encouraged by friends (massive fans of Bioshock) to play it I decided to soldier through the freaky bits at the beginning and then I didn't find it so scary ^_^

I think that now I have completed Bioshock Infinite I find it to be as good as the other two games; I love the characters, the baddies, the over design of the game; the story is as always captivating and intriguing and the gameplay is out of this world. All I can say is, if you haven't played any Bioshock games before I strongly recommend playing them, XD!

Here are some of my terrible screenshots ^_^ *no spoilers*

 photo B70EFCBF-89CE-4B6C-AD63-7F883FB54334-1384-000001F44AEFF51F_zpsc6c6e3e6.jpg

 photo 056B29AE-6574-44B4-B410-A501357D34B0-1384-000001F47558AE7A_zpse030aedd.jpg
There's a friggin band that sing at a funfair at the beginning! ^_^

 photo 4A2A1A1A-1579-4C14-83EE-D85149E18793-1384-000001F4689DADA4_zps1f4028be.jpg
Here's a random feast table with a crow doing its business on it lol

I also just recently completed the new Tomb Raider game. I'm such a geek I bought the collector's edition where you get all these neat little things like a concept art book and an awesome figurine of Lara that stands on my desk ^^ Again, such a great game, stunning visuals, an intriguing storyline, and badass weapons (I loved taking out the bad guys silently using a bow and arrow!) I love Tomb Raider so much anyway, I actually wrote my dissertation about her. ^_^ Man it would have been interesting to have written it after this game where Lara croft has evolved even further as a character.

 photo B06739E8-20B2-4A3D-8141-C6FA4CFBD9A4-1384-000001F4922E53CE_zps42c1a92d.jpg

 photo e819013b-c13d-4f43-a6c3-2c400d411de9_zps4e5fde62.jpg
And look at this glitch that I came across in the game, this bow was literally floating in mid-air! lol

Just waiting patiently for GTAV now!


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