Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gray Matter - Game Review


My housemates haven't seen a lot of me the last couple of days...


Because I was sucked head-over-heels into the hyper awesome world that is Gray Matter! I hadn't heard a peep about this game until right before I bought it online, but it had really great reviews and that's usually enough to persuade me. I played it for two days straight to complete it, and now it's overrr, nooo!


It follows the story of Samantha Everett, an adventurous young lady on a quest to join the notorious magician's group, the Daedalus club. On her way to London she happens upon a spooky old house and ends up working there as assistant to mysterious neurobiologist, David Styles. As the story progresses, you slowly unravel the truth about these characters, as well as the mysterious events taking place across Oxford.


The game is BEAUTIFUL! Everything is meticulously created in detail. All of the rooms have their own style. Better still, most of the game involves you snooping around and being nosy. The story is riveting and there are also plenty of scary moments (this is a breakthrough for me, I never play scary games!)

Gray matter uses the old school platform of 'point and click' but still has something very unique and intriguing about it. The clip-scenes are composed of beautiful watercolour paintings. Check out the trailer to see what I mean about the watercolour :)

This game was written by Jane Jensen and made by dtp entertainment AG, I would SO work for them but they're in Germany :(


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