Monday, 20 August 2012

Ghostly Courtiers - CHOW

I took part in the latest Character of the Week community activity on There was some amazing ideas coming out this time, which makes me both depressed and jealous at how unimaginative I can be, haha!

This is the handmaiden to the young queen. She was indiscreetly having an affair with the newly married Prince. Due to the bad publicity brought about by these actions, she needed to be assassinated and was never heard of again.

Doing community activities on is like the best thing ever! It's as if everyone is on the same journey, and we all share our works in progress and give each other help and tips or even just 'fresh-eyed' advice. It's such a good thing to do and you can learn so much from other artists, even by simply following someone else's WIP.


If you've followed it in the past and felt like maybe you should take part one week, I strongly recommend that you do! It is hard work to complete it before the deadlines, and usually the topics are quite tricky too, but it usually takes you completely out of your comfort zone (which is a good thing) and it's so worth it!

I desperately need to be doing things like this all the time, I've gotten so caught up with work and spent so much of my time commuting that I've hardly had the time or energy to do contests like this and also my own personal artwork. But luckily now I'm working from home so have a lot more free time, yipee. It's a good think cause I seriously need to study study study.


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