Sunday, 17 October 2010

Girl Pirate Dress-up game


My tutors set me the task:

"Do Something you've never done before; something outside your comfort zone. Something you never thought you'd do but perhaps have always wanted to do."

So I decided to make a flash dress-up game!! I recently found a tutorial that showed me how you can program such a game in flash so I decided to give it a go. I've always wanted to make one of these, I'm glad I was given an excuse to do it.

This was out of my comfort zone for two reasons:

1) Flash I have used Flash in the past, but it is definately my weakest program. Every time I use it (which is hardly ever) I have to relearn the way it works.
2) The last day Spending all that time vectorizing the pirate and girl and all her clothes, and hoping that I would be able to program it all to make it work on the last day was not an experience I enjoyed!

I'm planning to make some kind of activity pack for my FMP, so this was a lovely way to test out one of the things i was thinking of doing. Of course this is a very basic game, and if I was to take this further I could be much more ambitious with working buttons and changing backgrounds etc. Also, I could make her clothes look more realistic. Not having the time to add folds and shadows to the clothes made me die a little inside. :p

Play the game here!



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