Friday, 8 October 2010

Stop-frame animation cherry!

My tutors set me the brief "Make a 3 minute video....". So naturally, if any subject is groovy it's going to be about art. I love motivational quotes and I love art, so I've made a stop-frame animation about art quotes.

To be honest, not bad for my first ever stop-frame animation. The problems I had with this brief were:

1) I have no video-editing software or powerful computer at home so I found this brief to be horrificly unfair for people in my situation (especially with a shoddy University library that is barely open).

2) The video-editing software I opted to use was IMovie which I've never used before. It's a bit rubbish though isn't it, I mean, you can't do any faster than 10fps which means that I had to delete TONS of photos in order to make it less than 3 minutes long. This also added to the horrible jerky movements of the animation.

But whatever, I can't change it now, this is what I am submitting, and in general I am proud of it; cock-ups and all.

What have I learnt?

Well, now that I've made my first stop-frame animation, and made just about every mistake you possibly can with this method, hopefully this means that when I have to make another stop-frame animation IT WILL BE AMAZING!

All the best,


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