Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Epsom characters

Something I am doing at the moment for Uni is creating characters based on real people in Epsom, Surrey. I started out by sketching real people, the moment before they cross the road on the high street. I began to notice the different types of people in Epsom, the way they talk, act, the things they wear.

I enjoyed drawing their clothes the most. I like the way that clothes hang off the body or ruck up in one corner.


A character I finalised was 'Old Biddy', who is a distillment of all of the old ladies I saw around Epsom. She turned out to be quite popular, so my tutor has encouraged me to do more.

There are a few legendary people around Epsom that I am planning to draw:

1) Old Biddy - Complete
2) Elderly Identical Twins - Complete
3) Blind man and his Dog - ? :(
4) Crazy Epsom man - Complete
5) Bike Man
- In Progress

Trust me, it's gonna be good! :D

All the best,


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  1. This is a great pic. it's very funny and characterful. Well done!