Friday, 25 February 2011

Digging for Gold - Old work

Rooting around some old projects for Uni, I stumbled across a project in the first year that I enjoyed very much. Though I can clearly see that my skills have improved since then (phew), to this day I am still very proud with the work I put into this.

The project was to create a digital interface, about anything we wanted, so I decided to make an interface about Gaming and its effects on communication. All of the graphics were found 'sprites' other than the DS cover, I drew that myself (wasn't I clever?).

Click on the Image below to reach the actual Digital Interface :)


This has also given me some confidence for making my Flash Dress-up game. It proves that I did once have basic skills in Flash, deep down inside, and that with my new skills I can only make my next digital interface even better!

Can't wait to start getting my fingernails into the programming for my Dress-up game, but patience is a virtue, I need to make the graphics first!


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