Saturday, 19 February 2011

Female Role Models - The Princess and the Frog

I watched 'The Princess and the Frog' for the first time the other day and was delighted to find it a refreshing and uplifting film. Going back to traditional 2D animation brought back these amazing nostalgic feelings I last had as a child, watching the Disney 'classics'.

Based in 1920's New Orleans, The Princess and the Frog features an array of colourful Jazz songs, written by the walking ball of talent that is Randy Newman.


The main character is a young African-American woman called Tiana, the first and long overdue Black Disney Princess. Tiana is an extremely determined and hard-working young woman - an amazing role model for just about every living person. The film is based around her accomplishing her dream - and what a big dream - to open her own restaurant!

In order to save the money for this dream she works two full-time jobs and double shifts. Her complete focus and determination pays off for she finally saves enough money to buy her restaurant. At the last minute, however, she is cut short by somebody outbidding her - yet another set-back for her to overcome.

After this point the story really takes off as she meets a penniless Prince, disguised as a Frog and she accidentally turns into a Frog herself. Tiana and the Prince are sent on a wild adventure looking for a way to turn themselves human again.


On reading reviews for The Princess and the Frog, I was disappointed by the bad feedback this film has been bombarded with. It has been highly criticised for sensitive and incorrect stereotyping, which confuses me because these critics have clearly missed the point of the film, and indeed the message I feel Disney was trying to deliver.

Disney have portrayed Tiana as a strong young woman, who has set a goal for herself and stops at nothing to achieve it, sacrificing many things along the way, (without losing sight of the important things of course). What a great message to give to young children; that dreams do come true if you focus and work hard.

Watch this clip it's incredible!!

Its also refreshing that the love story isn't the main theme of the film, and that she doesn't wait for a 'Prince' to come along before starting her life, as other Disney Princesses have.

I liked The Princess and the Frog and highly respect Disney for pulling this out of the bag, for trying something a little different, and for sending positive and sensible messages to young girls.

Damn you critics!!


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