Monday, 14 February 2011

Vector art - Pisces CHOW

I spent the best part of the long weekend working on this entry for this week's Character of the Week on

It was an excellent opportunity to experiment with vectors, to see what kinds of things I could create on what kind of a timescale. Now I have a better idea for what to work with when I create the dolls and dresses for my Dress-up game.


The most important thing I learnt was that the graphics for my Dress-up game could never be as detailed as this, or in the least, I'd have to create it allot faster than this. They'd also need to be much more dynamic, but at least I'm learning this now and not when I'm halfway through the project.


More about this piece:
This week's CHOW was to create a Zodiac Warrior. It's like the best theme they've ever done, and it was right up everyone's street. I chose Pisces because it is my star sign. Pisces are generally supposed to be sweet, compassionate and a little dreamy, so I wanted to portray her as fairly sweet and demure. A Pisces would not be on the front lines and would probably be magical so wouldn't be heavily armoured.

I also found out that the two fish are going towards Aquarius (who cares about well-being) and Aries (who seeks control). It's quite interesting, therefore, that Pisces is torn between two other signs, so I wanted to symbolise this with the two opposite forms of weaponry - a sword and a shield.


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