Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Final Major Project - Beginnings

I have begun working on my super exciting FMP.

My FMP proposal is now more focused than before. I had originally planned to make an activity pack (i.e. dress-up, dot to dot, spot the difference). However, whilst writing my dissertation I learnt that it is better to focus in one a few things, rather than on a lot of things, as you will be able to make the few things really amazing.

According to Games4Girls Dress-up-games are aimed at 12-15 year old girls. There's a real 'dressing a princess' element to dress-up-games which I believe makes them so enjoyable and appealing. I feel that no-one before now has taken advantage of the princess element of period costume, insofar as that 18th Century fashion for example was so lavish and luxurious and amazingly beautiful, it astonishes me that no-one has really channelled these colourful aesthetics and used it to make a really original yet educational Dress-up-Game.

So, for my FMP I am making a super pretty dress-up game featuring 3 period characters. If any of you can remember my Pirate Dress-up game, it was a simple interface featuring a blank page with a doll and different clothes all around her.


The Dress-up game I will be making for my FMP will be far more advanced. Not only will it have three different characters, it will also have a title page, inventories, the buttons will make noises, the dolls will blink and there will be funky music playing in the background. It will also all be historically accurate. I have been learning snippets of new codes such as how to make a preloader screen and also how to make clothes 'snap' to a doll.

I will be challenging the conventional Dress-up-game format by adding narrative to the game, and giving the characters more substance than just being a doll. For example, it will begin with a title page whereby you can select a character of your choosing. Each character will have a profile and a historically accurate and beautiful bedroom and wardrobe.

What this project will do for me:

  • It will challenge my Illustration skills and show people that I am good at drawing.
  • It will show people that I can create characters with substance.
  • It will show people that I am passionate and am capable of bringing my ideas to life in an interactive and entertaining way.

I am having so much fun with this already, and the research in order to make this game will be extensive (not just dresses, rooms, beds, furniture, make-up, hairstyles...). I have begun researching for a character from the 18th Century.


Therefore it will be the best dress-up-game ever (confidence is a virtue :p)


P.S. here are a few examples of some really cool Dress-up-games

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